Ways To Remove All Files Data Recovery From A Wet Mobile

At no time and under no circumstances is it a good taste dish that the mobile phone falls into the water, not even when the mobile is waterproof. Whether it’s because we fell into the pool at the worst time, or because the sea water has played tricks on us , we want to show you everything you need to do to try to recover your mobile files before it’s too late .

We must bear in mind that the corrosion caused by water in technological devices runs against us, and therefore we do not have time to lose.

It will be very important that we get to work as soon as possible, with the idea of ​​being able to Data Recovery the maximum number of elements of the mobile, since there are not only files, but also photos, documents and memories that are very valuable to us.

Once we have thrown our hands in the head, we must get it out of the water as soon as possible, something that you have surely already done. Later, we will try to dry it with a towel, paper or whatever we have at hand. In an emergency, our own t-shirt can be the solution.

Do not leave the mobile in the sun under any circumstances once it has gotten wet, as the sun will dry the water that may remain in the connectors and would end up filtering it. For this reason, it is best to take it to a dry place and as soon as possible, introduce it into the Twitter classic rice that never fails.

Now that mobile phones cannot be opened to remove the battery, if the smartphone is not turned off, it is convenient that we turn it off and leave it inside the rice for as long as possible, with a minimum of 4 hours and a maximum that will depend on the time. that has been in the water and yes we can turn it on.