Solutions To Protect Your Data Recovery Services

A virus downloaded by mistake, the hard drive failing, the computer disappearing after a theft or a fire… there are many risks of losing your computer Data Recovery Services. Fortunately, there are backup solutions that will allow you to Data Recovery Services everything in a few minutes.

That’s as much, or even more, than the space available on a classic desktop computer. Enough to copy all of his professional and personal information and find it quickly in case of loss. It is possible to manually copy and paste its directories and files into the hard disk, but the operation can quickly become tedious. 

Also, there are solutions for automatic duplication of recorded files on his PC on the external hard drive, at the desired pace: for example, every evening at the same time or once a week. One constraint, however: make sure that the computer is on and the disk plugged in when copying.

With certain professional applications, the Twitter data can be saved on his computer with the possibility of duplicating them on an online storage space.

It designates a vast storage space accessible via the Internet. With apps like OneDrive , it’s pretty easy to schedule an automatic copy of all of your computer’s files and directories to the cloud. This secure platform is accessible via an account with a password. The information can then be consulted and retrieved from any other workstation. 

The OneDrive application is included in the Microsoft Office 365 Essential pack also including office software (Word, Excel) with an online version. Many brands offer their own cloud. It’s up to you to choose according to your criteria: storage volume, accessibility, sharing options…