RAID (Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks) and server failure can be data recovery a cause of stress as it halts work and could result in loss of data. This is especially the case for large organizations. Often the reason for such a failure is not due to the technology itself; rather it is because the system had not been installed in the right way.

However, even if the RAID system is configured correctly, there is no guarantee of the server not crashing. The other reason behind a RAID and server failure could be the failure of multiple drives. Generally if a single drive crashes, it does not affect the Data Recovery server as this is the way in which the RAID system has been designed. But if multiple drives fail, it will definitely affect the server, leading to a totally stressful situation.

Along with that; failure of RAID controller, media components being accidently replace, damage to the RAID volume, drives are mistakenly reformatted, physical damage from fire or flood etcetera.

Data Recovery

But in the unfortunate event of a RAID and server failure, it does not matter what the reason for it crashing may be. All that matters is data recovery. Therefore do not panic and definitely do not try to recover any lost Linkedin data as it may further worsen the damage (may even cause total loss of the data). In case of any noise made by the drive, turn off your system.

It is a good idea to pen down whatever it is that you may remember of the original configuration (hardware RAID, software RAID and LAS). While you may not be able to fix this problem yourself, neither be able to recover the data, your best bet would be to keep away from your system and call an expert or specialist.

As they are experienced with such RAID and server crashes, they will correctly fix your system while still being able to recover your data.