Record broken for Chronodisk : Terra Bytes Of Data Recovery

Our Laboratory therefore pushes the limits and constantly seeks excellence, even the Holy Grail and to break records! It can be complex crash repair, most Data Recovery , malware decryption from hacker attack commonly known as RansomWare, etc. 

We know how important, since the constant breakthrough of computing, data has become nowadays.

When customers, companies and individuals, call on Chronodisk, it is often to “save their lives” as they say, because they have years, even decades, of files with very significant financial and sentimental value to retrieve. 

We are therefore going to tell you an extraordinary story, the story of a data recovery carried out in December 2021! A record 111 Terra Bytes recovered!

We are contacted by a very upset customer. This documentary film producer can no longer access his (NAS) and his files.

We first reassure him about our ability to help him and break records, then the client drops off his NAS on the same day.

Upon receipt, we find that the Qnap NAS in question is a piece of a customer’s DataCenter, in this case a bay of 24 Western Digital hard drives of 12 Terra Bytes each.

Data Recovery

Diagnostic :

Our Laboratory begins with the diagnosis and the engineer in charge of the treatment quickly realizes the complexity of the situation:

  • Nine of the 24 Terra Byte 12 hard drives have failed with bad sectors. This indicates that the file system may be corrupted, for example, by a power outage during a disk write operation; 
  • After having alerted the Head of the Laboratory, it turns out that the team work finally shows that 11 of the 24 hard disks of 12 Terra Bytes are broken down with bad sectors, one of the hard disks of which is also in mechanical failure;
  • The mechanical failure is resolved by looking for an identical hard disk to recover the new parts;
  • Once found, the engineer opens the two hard drives in the clean room of our Paris Laboratory and replaces the defective parts.

Data recovery :

The new bay and the 24 hard drives received, the programming of the NAS in RAID5 and the Twitter data extraction can begin.

Once completed, the new phase of tests and the extraction of the Chronolist made it possible to confirm the accuracy of the first sent to the client.

All that’s left for him to do is pick up his NAS.