Data Recovery Of Accidentally Deleted Files

If you have found yourself in the unpleasant situation of accidentally deleting relevant information on any type of Data Recovery medium, don’t worry, all is not lost. Depending on the type of support in question, physical or virtual, we indicate some simple guidelines for recovering lost files.

For this type of media we recommend a couple of programs. Recuva , from Piriform, is a free application capable of restoring “permanently” deleted information. Recuva has a recovery assistant, which requests information about the type of files and their possible location, from which it performs an intensive search and informs about the results obtained, giving the user the option to select the Data Recovery of our interest.

Another recommended option is Pandora Recovery . This software is capable of recovering files from drives formatted with NTFS and FAT32 systems, examining the memory support and creating an index of deleted folders and files that allows you to indicate which ones to recover and where to place them. 

It also has a parameter search system, very useful if we know the name of the file, its size or the date of creation or last access. It also has a useful preview function.

Information stored in the cloud also has Twitter recovery methods, although these depend on the service provider. For example, Dropbox has a recycle bin that allows the restoration of files deleted in the last month. 

For its part, Google Drive also has a recycle bin, although the information permanently deleted from this support cannot be recovered, just like that stored in a deleted user account.